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5star-shiny-hrI have an exciting new children’s book in the works called “Awesome World Take 2: The Missing Snow Gnomes,” the sequel, to “Caden and Awesome World”  and I cannot wait to release it!  It’s riveting, thrilling, and packed with fun holiday adventure that your child will be sure to love!  Check the site for launch date information and ways to get your copy!


Frustrated that it’s going to be a snow-less Christmas, Caden decides to venture to Awesome World to experience the holiday properly there. Unfortunately, the Snow Gnomes have been captured by the evil Desert Snakes and Awesome World will never have snow again if they’re not rescued. As the Prince of Awesome World, Caden sets out on a dangerous adventure to retrieve the Snow Gnomes and save the whole magical world.


We will also be launching an exciting new app in October!  Please keep checking the site for updates on the launch date and ways you can download the app!



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