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Blessings Dwell in Places You’d Never Imagine

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To anyone searching for their purpose:

The reason I started this organization to empower women is because I knew that I’d soon be a single mother.  I wanted to unite women everywhere because we are a force when we ban together.  Teaching and encouraging women to follow their dreams, no matter what their circumstances are, has and always will be an essential part of my mission.   I would have never started this organization and I would have never written my books had it not been for my circumstances. That goes to show you that your blessings dwell in places you never thought you’d have to go.  I have never felt so fulfilled in my life and I’m excited about this new journey that lies ahead.  Do not get discouraged when you find yourself in a compromising position in life.  I am a witness to the blessings of God and it’s in your darkness that he prepares you for your light.  I dedicate this poem to my son, Caden.


I never knew love

Until my eyes fell on you

My heart is so full

And my love is so true

I promise to protect you

And shield you from harm

As long as you stay

In the comfort of my arms

Thank you for showing me

my fullest potential

single mom or not

it’s my best credential

Caden, I love you

With everything in my soul

Being the best mom to you

Will forever be my goal

~Naomi Melton

1 Comment

  1. Addie Melton says:

    Never under estimate the Power of God!
    Continue to be the strong woman that you are.
    God takes you through storms for a reason, but you will come out to sunny skies.


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