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Treacherous Heart/Elegant Soul

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Poetry has a way of captivating the mind and soul, and also draws the heart in with a unique arrangement of words that leaves your spirit with a sense of fulfillment.  I would like to share two poems by a very talented writer, Jeremy Debose.  “Treacherous Heart” describes the dark and empty side of love and “Elegant Soul” turns that darkness into light with a whimsical play on words that compare the beautiful essence of nature to the warmth and serene feeling of love.  I hope you enjoy both poems and I’ll keep you updated on more literary works from this writer!!!



Treacherous Heart

When dessert sand fills your heart causing a drought,

that water couldn’t even bring you out of.

The simple things that took place that brought love

has dried up to make you feel deserted.

Taking strides through my own treacherous heart

as I’m unable to find one decent part I fall apart,

swallowed by quicksand, my heart feels like it’s been trampled by beast’s.

The small molecules that once filled my heart with love

now cover my heart in darkness.

~Jeremy Debose~


Elegant Soul

What am I to do when all I can do is think of you,

from the essence of your smile to your beautiful mind.

I find myself lost in your forest of love

where the grass is green and light shines bright

 causing nature to come alive, the butterflies swarm,

the flowers bloom creating vast waves of colors,

 leaving a beautiful conception of nature in my mind.

As birds soar and the bees pollinate the sunflowers,

your forest created an atmosphere of love

catering with its sound of streams running over rocks

turning into waterfalls

and the touch of honey that dripped from honeycombs,

pleasuring my sense’s, catching my full attention

leaving what I thought would be a dream,

but has come alive,

the nature of your personality

and the gorgeous inside of your mind

created an image of your elegant soul.

~Jeremy Debose~

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