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Men Who Cater to Women vs Boys Who Cater to Girls

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Let’s identify and define what it means for a MAN to spoil a WOMAN.  Once, you’ve been through some things and you’ve had an opportunity to really understand the hardships of life and relationships, being “spoiled” starts to mean something a little different to you.

When a boy spoils a girl, it starts and stops at a physical/superficial level, meaning that everything he spoils you with is tangible like expensive clothes, shoes, and everything else money can buy.  While those things are nice, they aren’t the only things that women should get wrapped up in.

When a man spoils a woman, he dissects her mind and creates a mental and emotional connection with her that goes far beyond that of just physcial attraction or showering her with tangible goods.  He showers her with love, respect, and he admires her heart and soul.  He does all this and gives the tangible gifts as a bonus!

So we see that that you’re beautiful, your makeup and hair are always “on point,” you dress in the latest fashions, and your shoes always compliment your look, but what else does he do for you?  Is your heart dressed as well as your body?  That may not make sense to you right now because you haven’t reached that level of maturity just yet, but understand that you are more than fancy clothes and shoes.  Boys are only capable of so much, a man can give you your physical goods and more and you won’t find that out until you stop messing with little boys!  So ask yourself a question?  What else, besides my clothes, shoes and money , do I have to show for my reltionship with this person?  If you have to think about it, you’re probably in the wrong relationship.  You’re worth more than that!

FYI: A woman doesn’t really need a man for fancy things anyway.  You should be able to give yourself those things and if you can’t, maybe you should consider working on you before getting with someone else.

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