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So it’s 11:07 pm and I’m up working on the manuscript for my next book, writing this blog, and networking all at the same time.  I’ve gotten so use to working that I literally do it in my sleep!  I wanted to stop by, tonight, to tell you that while it’s ok to be a hard worker, make sure that you aren’t neglecting your own health in an effort to attain success.  Make sure you’re getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night and that you’re setting aside some “you time.”

Ladies, the worst possible thing we could do to ourselves is to deny ourselves enough beauty rest!  It’s a must!  How do you expect to  maintain that youthful appearance and sunkissed glow on your skin if you’re working yourself to the bone each day without taking some time out to focus on you?

It’s funny because I’m typing this as if I’m trying to get my point across to someone else, but I’m really sworkaholicpeaking to myself.  I am a true workaholic and perfectionist and I will stay up until daybreak working!  So, I’ll make you a deal….

If you’re a workaholic like me and you’re guilty of neglecting your personal health and well-being, I’ll close my laptop after I’m done typing this blog, if you promise to put your work away as well!  I would have no way of really knowing if you really put your work up or not, but I think you guys are trustworthy.  Let’s start fresh tomorrow and get our much-needed beauty rest so we can feel rejuvenated in the morning.  Deal? (assuming you said yes lol)…Goodnight!

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  1. Naomi says:

    Reblogged this on WELCOME! and commented:

    Getting back into the groove of things since having my son. This was an appropriate blog to repost to remind myself and other women not to neglect your personal health being a workaholic!


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