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I am an advocate for women reaching their maximum potential and it really pains me to see so many women who aren’t following their dreams and settling for mediocrity.  I wrote a blog called, “It’s Okay To Start From The Bottom, Just Don’t Stay There,” and this really ties in well to tonight’s blog.  When I say, “Nothing will change if nothing changes,” I’m literally talking about YOU!  You are in control of your destiny and it’s important as a woman to establish your identity and create a life that’ll sustain you.  Yes, life has a way of altering our plans sometimes and some circumstances are unavoidable, but you are still in control of the way you respond to those situations.

I always wanted to become a professional dancer/choreographer, and the industry was so competitive, I wanted to give up.  Actually, at one point, I did give up!  I felt so defeated and discouraged that I didn’t feel like I had the skill necessary in order to be a successful dancer.  My mom told me that I could either give up on my dream and settle for a career that I didn’t really want, or I could put in the work and fight for what I wanted.  I took her advice and I’ve carried it with me ever since.  I went on to train and dance alongside some of the most prestigious dancers and choreographers in the world, all because I changed my level of thinking and decided to strive for something more than just the average.

Change starts within yourself.  If you don’t change yourself, your surroundings and circumstances won’t change.  I don’t mean “change” as in your physical appearance, I’m talking about mental change.  Changing your mindset and focusing on the bigger picture is the first step to stepping outside that which ordinary.  You were not born to be ordinary!  You are an extraordinary person which means you can do extraordinary things if only you step outside your comfort zone and change your mindset.  Create a vision board that inspires you and look at it every day.  Let it be a constant reminder of the things you’re striving for.  A visual stimulus is very effective so give it a try.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing will change if nothing changes!

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