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Personal, Destructive Storms and Beautiful, Promising Rainbows

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Have you ever witnessed a thunderstorm?  Torrential rains, gusty winds, and hail the size of small rocks?  Isn’t it amazing to witness a storm of that magnitude only to find out that there would be a beautiful vivid rainbow to follow?  I like to apply this idea to my life because, in a sense, our lives are just like storms.  The torrential rains are symbolic of all of the stress that seems to pour down on your life, sometimes flooding your heart and dampening your spirit.  The gusty winds represent all of the negativity that can’t seem to stop blowing your way.  So strong, that sometimes, it can literally knock you off your feet.  The hail reminds me of frustration.  We ball our frustration up inside and as soon as the “storm” comes, we explode and those rocks of frustration can be damaging to our very own selves.

While going through the experience of a personal storm, it’s important to understand that all storms, no matter the intensity, are only temporary.  Knowing this, you should feel optimistic because you know that when you make it through, there will be a beautiful rainbow waiting for you.  The rainbow is symbolic of a promise that God made many years ago, that he would never send a storm that would last always and bring destruction to your life.

I am a witness to many storms and I have never been through one that I didn’t make it out of.  Not only did I make it out, but I made it out better than before I was put in it!  You can never experience growth and maturity unless you’ve been broken down a few times.  The question is, when you become broken, do you remain in a broken state or do you get yourself together so that you can seek your rainbow?  If you are someone who is going through something that has consumed you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically, rather than succumb to the pain, I would encourage you to smile!  I find joy in the midst of hardships because I know that there is a huge reward at the end of any test.

The reason I started writing, which led me to start my organization, was because I found myself in the middle of a storm.  Not just any storm, I’m talking about a catastrophic natural disaster of a storm!  I wanted to give up because I didn’t feel like I had the strength to overcome my circumstances.  I knew I couldn’t allow myself to be defeated, so I stepped out on my faith and I did something about it.  There were people who doubted me and even those who spoke ill of my efforts, but I kept striving for success and I am happier now than I’ve been in a long time.

Don’t let life get the best of you.  There will never be a storm that comes, that will not go away.  Don’t get comfortable and content in your present storm because there is a rainbow waiting to peek out from behind the dark clouds of your life.  You just have to remain strong enough to weather the storm in order to see it!

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