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Self Acceptance

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About two years ago, I started acting and modeling full time and found myself starting to really get caught up in the world of “entertainment.” Before I knew it, I transformed right before my own eyes into the “vixen” that everyone started referring to me as.  At first, I was actually flattered and embraced the attention, but as time progressed, I realized that I had completely lost myself.  I was no longer “Naomi,” I was just another pretty face in the entertainment industry.  All of the comments from men, who admired my photos, suddenly started to disgust me rather than flatter me.  I knew I needed to reinvent and redefine myself as a woman by accepting who I was instead of trying to mimic someone else.

I accepted the fact that I was a Christian woman, intelligent, loved to write and help others.  I accepted the fact that I had enough inside beauty that was powerful enough to shine through and compliment my outside beauty.  Sure, working in entertainment was profitable and didn’t actually require any real talent but what was I really gaining?  Attention? Compliments?  These things didn’t fulfill me as a woman and I wanted more.  I wanted to be more than a pretty face.

I cut back on the makeup and embraced my natural beauty.  I cut back on the fictitious world of entertainment and focused more on my natural God given abilities.  This allowed me to explore a side of myself that even I didn’t know existed.

I just want all women to know that accepting yourself as you are will take you places you never even dreamed.  Don’t reduce yourself to something just to fit in when you know you’re capable of much more.  Let your unique abilities and gifts define you, not anyone else’s.   Living in someone else’s truth may seem beneficial for a while but it will ever last because it isn’t your truth!  The sooner you start living for you, the sooner you’ll be able to grasp the true meaning of happiness and self-fulfillment.


  1. chmelton says:

    This speaks volumes to a lot of people. Thank you for this blog 😉


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