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To Wait or Not To Wait?….

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Have you ever met the “perfect guy” but you didn’t feel like you were ready to settle down with a man who already had his life in order? You’re still working on establishing your own identity so you’re thinking, “do I pass up this good man and just hope he’s still available later on?”

It’s admirable for any woman to want to establish herself prior to settling down with someone, but there is a deficiency of “good men” out there so as women, we definitely don’t want to pass up a good one when we stumble across him!

If a man has established himself and he’s settled into his life, he’ll have no issue in helping you to build your empire as well.  That’s the beauty of a productive relationship, you’re able to help the other person in areas where they need it.  It’s all about timing!  So no, you don’t have to pass up a good man just because you feel you aren’t ready because if he’s that good and he’s interested in you, he won’t allow you to pass him up anyway!  These are how “power couples” are made!

So when/if you come across a guy who you believe is just too good to be true and you’re unsure if you’re ready for his presence in your life, recognize that you’re more than deserving of Mr. Right!  You’re a woman of distinction, you’re hard working, you’re motivated, you’re beautiful inside and out, and you’re a class act!  Any man who recognizes a good woman would be willing to wait on her and help her reach her maximum potential.

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