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This Christmas

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Seems like the older you get, the more “Christmas” starts to mean more to you than just gifts.  I remember making a list every year for Christmas, and I would get everything on that list!  I didn’t know, as a child, that there was a deeper meaning behind the idea of Christmas.

Everyone loves receiving gifts but as an adult, I find myself smiling more when I give a gift to someone else.  The look on a person’s face when you hand them something they’re not expecting to receive is priceless!  Material things are nice for a while, but after some time, even the most expensive gifts will start to lose value.  Gifts from the heart will last forever.

What are you thankful for this Christmas and what will you do to enhance your life for the new year?  Reflect, this holiday season, on the year you’ve had so far and think of ways to make it an even better year next year!  Give the gift a love to a stranger this Christmas.  You never know who your angel in disguise might be!

You don’t need snow, or a Christmas tree, a million lights, or an enormous feast for Christmas to be real!  When you’ve reached a level of mature thinking, as long as you have your health, faith, and the intangible gifts of life, Christmas will always be real!

From my family to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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