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“Friends” Who Aren’t Really Friends

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So life is treating you well and you start to feel like finally! you’re seeing the progress you’ve been working for.  You decide to go have a lunch date with your girlfriends like you normally do and just catch up on life in general.  All the girls are there at the restaurant and you just can’t wait to share with them how great things are going in your life!  You start off by telling them about that long awaited job promotion you just received not knowing that one of your friends just lost her job.  You go on and on expecting them to be excited for you, considering how hard you’ve worked to get to this point.  You finish up by telling them about the handsome guy you’ve been dating and how amazing he is, not aware that another one of your friends just caught her man cheating.  You can’t help but notice the nonchalant responses from the girls and their lack of enthusiasm.  One of the girls, the one who lost her job, starts to downplay your good news by telling you how hard your new position will be and how you probably won’t be able to maintain the workload.  Your other friend, the one with the cheating boyfriend, follows up by making you highly aware of the “fact” that ALL MEN CHEAT, so you better be careful with the new guy.  All of a sudden, you regret ever sharing your  news with them because, now, they’ve transmitted all of their negative energy onto you.

The moral of this story is to be careful of who you call a friend.  You have real friends and then you have perpetrators who pretend to be real friends.  A real friend will support you no matter what and not turn their nose up at your success just because they’re struggling.  A real friend will have your back, not try to stab you in it.  Real friends don’t hate on one another, they motivate one another.  If you’re in a friendship and you’ve had to question the quality of it at any point, you should probably get a new set of friends.  If a person does not add value to your life, why are they there?  Stop letting people take up space in your life that you can reserve for someone who actually wants to see you succeed and be at your maximum potential.


  1. chmelton says:

    Amen!!!! Sounds like someone I know.


  2. Naomi says:

    Reblogged this on You Are My Sister Inc. and commented:

    In case you missed it….


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