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Dangerous Love

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Here’s a little teaser of the non-fiction book I’m in the process of writing. I can’t wait for you to read the whole story!  Drama, romance, and suspense at its best!


I met him some years ago in college.  The moment we had our first face-to-face encounter, I knew it was love at first sight.  Well, at least, I thought it was.

It was the fall season of my sophomore year in college when I saw the most handsome guy on campus.  My name is Ashley, by the way.  We’ll refer to that fine specimen of a man as “John.”  John was as smooth as they come and I was just smitten when I found out how interested he was in me!  We didn’t waste any time getting to know one another.  The only issue was, he had a girlfriend.  Most women would have probably left him alone at that point, but there was something about this John character that wouldn’t allow me to tear myself away.  I knew he felt what I felt because he wanted to spend every moment possible with me!  I told myself that, eventually, he and I would be together one day.  Days turned into weeks, weeks to months, and the months turned into our first year!  The circumstances of our relationship were not ideal, but I loved John so much.  I found myself being faithful to a man who was still in a relationship with another woman.  I had become the dreaded “side-chick.”  How could I have let this go on for so long?  I thought that if I waited,  he would see how loyal I was and want to be with me.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and I would soon learn that things were about to get a lot more complicated……


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