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You Are NOT For Sale!

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Chances are if a guy approaches you and tries to impress you with his money, he probably doesn’t really have any. Don’t be so quick to fall for men who are too flashy and so wrapped in material things. This is a clear indication that he has nothing else to offer. I know, I know! Women love a man who provides for her financially, seeing as how most divorces are caused by financial issues. BUT! Don’t let that be the basis for your potential relationship.

I find it funny and insulting when guys inbox me on social media thinking that I’m the same “airhead”, gold digging, spineless female their used to talking to. They go on and on about the things they can do for me, when in reality, I can probably do more for them than they could ever dream of doing for me. That’s why it’s important for women to have something for themselves so you never have to depend on a man financially. Yes, it’s nice for a man to want to take care of a woman but when a man really has money, he doesn’t have to brag about it unless he’s defined by his “wealth.” Don’t let any man buy you. If you do, the same way he bought you will be the same way he sells you for someone else. We all know that anything you buy can be exchanged.

Be a woman who’s priceless. Boys get intimidated by strong women with standards and values. Real men find it as a challenge and will not give up easily if she’s worth it. I don’t care how beautiful you think you are or how small your​ waist is or how big your bottom is! If you are a woman who settles with any man quickly because of what he can do for you physically, you are no better than him. All you have to offer is your body just like all he has to offer is his money. It takes maturity to realize your self-worth and to set standards for yourself but trust me when I say that you are so valuable. You just need to meet a man who respects just how priceless you are.

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