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They Smile In Your Face…

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I have created a list of ways to weed out the people in your life who shouldn’t be there. Even though you may not realize it yet, some people, often the closest ones to you, are the main reasons why you feel burdened in your life! Trust, and believe me, I am speaking from experience. The hardest thing to do is to let go of someone who you love. This could be a significant other, friend, or even a family member. Not everyone deserves a place in your circle, especially if they aren’t going the way you’re trying to go. So use these tools to see if you can come to a step closer to figuring out if there’s a “non-factor” in your life…

  1. If you have ever found yourself in a tough situation and needed help from someone who was close to you, were they readily available and eager to help you or did it take some serious convincing? Ex., I have always been a person with an entrepreneurial spirit and I decided, a few years back to start a business that I was really passionate about. It takes a lot of work and money to start a business so I reached out to a friend of mine, who already had a business, for help. Not only did I not get the help, but I actually got no response. This was someone I thought I was close to. Sometimes, people hate to see you on the road to success because they’re intimidated by you. If you can’t count on the people in your life, why are they there?
  2. Have you ever had a family member, who you never really talk to, suddenly support you when you start doing something good? Ex., I started acting 2 years ago and made it a goal to act alongside a big name celebrity within the first year. I was told that it would be impossible since the industry is so competitive and that I would never find myself on any set with celebrities. Not only did I make it happen but I did it in a much shorter time frame than I expected. Guess who were my first supporters? EVERYONE WHO TOLD ME I COULDN’T DO IT! I had an aunt who wouldn’t stop​ publicly congratulating me on social media but talks about me behind my back any other time. Family or not, if they don’t add value to your life, give em the boot!
  3. Have you ever been with a guy who was a “part time lover?” Meaning, sometimes he was an amazing person and other times you didn’t even know who he was because of the way he treated you? Ex., I was in a relationship with this guy for a few years and I loved him so much that I would usually sweep all of the negative aspects of him, under the rug. He was disrespectful and verbally abusive and made me feel so low, just by his words alone. When he wasn’t being bipolar, things were great! These were the times that made me overlook everything else. It took some self-searching and prayer to get me to the point where love, alone, wasn’t enough. I had to love myself enough to let him and that relationship go and I’ve been happy ever since.

These are just a few scenarios but think about them. I know some, if not all of you, can relate to at least one of these things. Yes, it was extremely difficult to subtract certain people from my life but it was necessary. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing so make sure you keep an eye out for the impostors. The ones who smile in your face while holding a knife in your back at the same time. Eliminating negativity is the first step to a healthy lifestyle so start getting rid of the “burdens” in your life!

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