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8 Steps to Help Jumpstart Your Career:

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1. Recognize what you’re good at and what talents you would like to expand on

2. Make a “to do” list of the things that might help you in reaching your goal

3. Do extensive research on whatever professional arena you’re looking to make your mark in.

4. Create a business plan!  This is important and will show how serious you are about being successful

5. NETWORK!!!!!!! You are your brand and the more people you connect with, the more popular your brand will become. In today’s society, popularity = success.

6. Seek corporate sponsorship/prepare donation request letters and submit them to companies. I am someone who doesn’t like asking for help but when I found that there were thousands of businesses willing to help a great cause, I put myself out there, as a brand/organization, and was able to attain sponsorship from companies who loved what I was doing. (Most companies will help you before family and friends will so don’t depend on anyone who doesn’t believe in you as much as you do)

7. Be persistent! Keep the momentum going so you don’t lose the interest of your “audience” or target market area.

8. Believe in yourself! You can be your biggest fan and you can also be your biggest downfall. Make sure to always stay abreast on the latest developments as it relates to your brand/talent. Stay confident and know that you can and will succeed if only you put in the work.

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