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Women in Power

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Women of today are more powerful than ever!  I love seeing women striving for what they want and not settling for whatever life gives them. Single mothers, women of minority, widows, young women, and even married women with adult children all have the same capabilities to access the world that they hold at their fingertips.  The issue is actually being able to realize the power that we possess.  Whether you’re a good speaker, actress, writer, singer, photographer etc., it’s important that you use your gift to your benefit.  God didn’t give it to you for you to waste it. It’s a little frustrating to see women on social media selling food stamps and bragging about it as if they’re in a position of power.  We’re better than that ladies.  The government isn’t here to be abused by women who refuse to progress in life.  I understand that situations and circumstances happen, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay in that situation or be defined by it.  Don’t use your current situation to make excuses for you not being at your fullest potential.  Use your resources and push for  greatness.  Take responsibility for you!  I don’t care if you’re a single mother with 5 kids, you too can be great if you just try.  No, it won’t be easy and it’ll actually be the hardest journey of your life but nothing worth having will be easily attained.  There are more women CEO’s than ever before and you have the same opportunities to be in a place of power if you get out of that “simple” mindset of mediocrity.  You find money to get your hair done, buy new clothes and shoes so take that same money and invest in your life.  Get your priorities together!  It’s just not a good look to have on name brand clothes and shoes and on welfare at the same time.  You not only want to survive in this world, but you need to be able to thrive and that takes work.  If you’re willing to do the work, you can change your circumstances and your finances.  You just have to step out on faith and take a risk.  The world is yours so take it!

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