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The Misconception of What Women Think Men Like

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It has become common for women to make enhancements to their bodies by getting the, ever so popular, butt injections/implants and some have even gone so far as to get their ribs removed to give off the impression of a smaller waist.  While I’m all for maintaining my “sexy,” the question is, do women do it to make themselves feel better or do they really think men are attracted to that specific type of body shape?

Seems like all of the women have become one in the same.  Every girl in a music video looks exactly like the last and I hate to say it, but most of our young successful black men end up with “video vixen” type women.  Ten times out of ten, they will never marry these women because regardless of how much you think a man is physically attracted to you, he will never respect you when you can’t respect yourself.  If all you’re good at is showcasing every artificially enhanced part of your body, you’ll find yourself being treated like a piece of meat.  You can’t get mad at the dogs who chase you when you’re the one who threw the bone.

You don’t have to completely change your appearance to get attention from men.  Sure you can keep your body right and tight but stop trying to fit in with this temporary trend of false reality.  These women are literally dolls now!  Meaning every part of them is practically removable!  Since when did that become the definition of sexy?  To put it plainly, if you feel the need to risk your life and health to make those types of enhancements to your body just to fit in, you were never a born leader and never had the confidence to begin with.  Women go out of their way to look like every other woman because they have nothing else to offer except their bodies.  If that’s all you have to give a man, how can you get upset when all he has to offer you is a one night stand?

Please don’t confuse what I’m saying and understand that you can do whatever you wish to do with your own body, just be healthy about the changes you make and don’t do it to attract men because it’s not really what they want in a wife.  You may date them for a while but at most, you’ll end up a “baby mama” and that, my dear, is not an award winning title.  Being you is good enough.  You want a man to fall in love with the real you, not some false version of the woman you’re trying to portray.


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