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The “Standard” of Beauty

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So its 2015 and like many women of today, I take extreme pride in my physical appearance.  Keeping up with the latest trends and staying consistent with a few non-invasive beauty treatments are things that I enjoy doing to make myself feel better physically.  I can appreciate a woman who takes pride in herself but at what point does the maintenance go too far?  While it’s great to want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and look your best, it becomes problematic when we start to risk our health in order to look like the women we see on the magazines and in the media.

It’s important to look and feel the best that YOU can, not anyone else.  Most, if not all, of the photos you see on magazine covers, are retouched and edited to achieve the final look.  If you strive for perfection, you’ll be striving forever because no one is perfect and no one ever will be.

There are women and even little girls who have literally killed themselves because of low self-esteem issues or for being bullied for not looking a certain way.  The media has failed in teaching young girls that beauty goes way beyond a pretty face.  We need to teach our daughters that they are beautiful in their own skin.  Period.

Side note:  While men enjoy looking at a woman who knows how to dress well and looks good “dolled up,” they still prefer a woman who is beautiful in her natural state.  The makeup has to come off at some point!  So instead of focusing on the makeup tricks and spending all your money on cosmetics, focus on keeping your skin healthy so that you can also feel beautiful without any makeup on at all.

Another thing!  PLEASE be the woman who has a brain to go with her beauty.  I don’t care how beautiful you are, if you are defined only by your beauty, you’ll become irrelevant sooner or later.  Looks don’t last forever so when they fade, what will you have?  No offense but most of these celebrity women that you strive to be like are dumb as rocks.  Sure you’re gorgeous but you can’t articulate or hold an intelligent conversation to save your life!  That ain’t cute!

Just be you.  You are just as special and important as the next woman so don’t try to live up to another woman’s standard of beauty.  Set your own standard and understand that being beautiful is more than just a pretty face.

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