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A Window Into The Heart of a Woman

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Women are uniquely designed, emotional, and complex beings that are, at times, difficult (for men), to comprehend.  Some men don’t realize or understand how to mentally dissect the mind of a woman.  It is my belief that if more men took the time and effort to understand us, we might be able to successfully and productively coexist together as far as relationships are concerned.

I recognized, from experience, that men, not all, but some are just unwilling to get inside a woman’s heart.  Because of this, my relationship failed because he connected with me on a basic level and couldn’t seem to connect with me on a level that required patience, time, effort, and true love.

True love is when you can’t stop your heart from racing just because you hear his/her name.  It’s when everything seems alright, even in the midst of turmoil, just because he/she is in your life.  Until you can connect with a woman beyond a physical and superficial level, you will never be able to experience her heart.

To women:  In order for a man to have access to your heart, you have to make sure that you’re heart is accessible.  Most, if not all of us, have been hurt, mistreated, and betrayed at some point in our lives.  This causes us to build this wall of stone so tall and so strong that no man can break it down or climb over it.  We can’t expect for a man to give us his all when we’re holding back ourselves.

All I’m saying is that love is possible and it is beautiful, but it is not easily achieved.  It takes work and dedication and compromise on both sides.  Men, don’t be afraid to become more in tune with your sensitive side in order to unlock the heart of the woman you love.  Demonstrate why you tell her you love her through your actions.  Listen to her and embrace her, not only when she cries but when she’s not expecting it.  We don’t like to admit it, but we depend on men to be our helpmate.  We admire strong men who are able to provide and protect us.  You will start to witness the true heart and soul of a woman and she will flourish like you never imagined when she recognizes that you are literally making a valid effort in uniting your spirit and heart with hers.

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