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Feuding With Family

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The purpose of my blogs is to inspire, encourage, and uplift women who may share similar situations as I have experienced.  I had to share this particular experience today because it really opened my eyes to something I didn’t see so clearly before.  So we all are brought up under the impression that if you can’t trust anyone else, you should be able to trust your family.  This has been my thought process since I was a little girl, but I stood corrected today as I witnessed the cruel betrayal from my own family.  I won’t disclose the details of the situation for privacy reasons but needless to say, I literally felt like the people I’ve known my whole life, were complete strangers.  This made me think, “if I can’t even trust my own family members to have my back, who in the hell can I trust?”  It took everything in me to remain calm and the only reason I was still able to hold my head up was because of the power of prayer.

Side-note: If you’ve never tried God before, you ought to try him!  He will literally turn your life around.

Back to the story…….I’m not here to tell you to start giving your family the “side eye'” lol, I’m simply letting you know that even when trouble and hardships hit close to home, just pray about it.  I was flabbergasted today and had it not been for the healing power of Jesus, there’s no telling what I would have done or said.  We’re all human so it’s natural for us to become angry when things upset us but never get so mad to the point that it causes you to step outside of your character.  To put it plainly, my family acted like a complete fool today and we all know that arguing with a fool, makes you just as much a fool as they are!  Is it me or do most issues come directly from the people who are the closest to you?

I could go on and on about this topic but whenever there’s an issue or feuding between family members that can’t be settled civilly,  Tell Jesus to be the mediator and let him handle the rest!

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