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Make Time for You

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We (women) are natural caregivers and nurturers.  Because of these innate characteristics, we rarely make time to care for ourselves, especially women who are married or who have children.  It is important not to neglect ourselves because when you think about it, how can you really care for someone else when you aren’t performing at your maximum potential within yourself?  You’d be surprised at how much impact just one day of relaxation and self-pampering can have on your life.  You’ll feel more energized to be able to handle all of your daily responsibilities.  Your loved ones will also notice a positive change in you!  So be sure to set aside, at least, a day per week for yourself.  There’s no such thing as you can’t!  Make it happen and watch how it boosts your energy and reduces the stress you don’t even know you carry on a daily basis.

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