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You Are My Sister Inc. is a place for women to come and share life experiences, encourage one another, cry with one another, and to use the power that we all possess in order to build each other up.  We live in a society where women compete with each other and break each other down.  Doesn’t life break us down enough?  We need each other!  Come and pour out your heart, share your thoughts and ideas and just feel free to be open and vulnerable knowing that you will not be judged.  Nobody is so perfect that they can judge anyone.  Feel free to read the blogs and don’t be afraid to comment so that we might be able to start a movement.  You are my sister and I love you.




Book Release!

Caden and Awesome World Take 2: The Missing Snow GnomesDecember 4th, 2016
It's time!!! Caden and Awesome World Take 2 will be releasing today!
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